Pubs, bubs and cleaning

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Nick was away in Adelaide this weekend racing in a mountain bike comp so it was just us girls. Friday night we had a quick after work/daycare drink with friends at the pub. I say quick because Lulu started crying the minute we got there & only stopped long enough to eat two quiet crackers before picking up where she left off. And yes I got the 'bad mother why is your baby at the pub' evil eye from the lady at the table behind us. Has this ever happened to you?

Saturday morning we were supposed to start swim lessons. I woke up a sleeping baby & arrived at the pool only to be told that the lesson was cancelled and 'didn't someone call you?'. Of course no one called me otherwise I would be here would I? The other mums & bubs taking the class with us weren't told either so we all had a group swim anyway. That afternoon a friend asked Lulu & I over for a glass of wine (well wine for me) and you can bet I said yes. 

Sunday was market day and we met up with a friend for coffee. In the afternoon Lulu had a play date with her grandma while I did an extraordinary amount of things. Dropped off old clothes at a charity, cleaned out the fridge, hung out washing, put away washing, put away everything else in this house that hasn't been put away, tried to get rid of bugs (a never ending task as it gets warmer) and placed our first order for groceries online. The last task was a mission but now that the first one is done it will be easier going forward to just select the same things from this weeks list. Do you order groceries online? I should have done this ages ago. I tried the Coles website but found it so hard to navigate I gave up, but the Woolworths Online is much easier. 

How was your weekend?