Little teeth

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With little teeth come little tooth brushes. I try & get Lulu to brush her teeth each morning when I brush mine. She sits in her bouncer while I put my make-up on, the perfect place for her to brush her teeth. I put a teeny weeny bit of tooth paste on the end of her brush & then I brush her teeth before letting her brush her teeth. She normally pulls the brush straight back out of her mouth and chews on the other end. But at least the process is started. 

Did you know you're supposed to brush baby's teeth from the moment they first appear? The dentist gave a talk at our parenting classes, scaring us all into ensuring that our baby's teeth are brushed every day and that they never drink anything other than milk or water.  

An update on Lulu's teeth: One of her top two has broken through & the other looks like it might soon. The bottom two are well and truely in now. Her sleep hasn't gotten any better, however last night we put her in bed with us from 10 and she slept through till 7am, with a brief waking period around 5am where she resettled herself. I think the teething is causing her to just need us to be close to her. Fair enough too, so many changes happening to her little body.