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Lulu had another doctors appointment today. Her temperature is back to normal but she has a rash that is worse. Her GP called yesterday afternoon to see how she was going & suggested I take her to the emergency clinic they run on Saturday mornings. 

Lucky for us the doctor I usually see was on call today. She thinks the rash is part of the virus & will go away soon. The doctor suspects the rattly chest and cough, which Lulu has had all winter, might be asthma. Her daughter sounded the same at the same age & she (and her daughter's doctor) put her daughter on asthma medication. It worked a treat for her baby, so hopefully it will help Lulu. 

This week has been long and it is so hard seeing your baby sick & not being able to do very much to help. I feel for parents of kids with long term illnesses. 

Since Lulu has been having long naps I have had plenty of time to muck around on the interwebs. Here are a few things I have found interesting:

Imagine having a locals pass to Disneyland? Diana from Our City Lights has one & she has covered every inch of that park, lucky her. I'm lucky enough to have been once to Disneyland as an adult & as a kid my parents took me to Disneyworld. A dream come true. 

This Kanye/Wes Anderson mash up tumbler made me laugh

This adorable magazine filled with super stylish children's clothes - le petite magazine

Hope your weekend is wonderful.