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The daycare is going on holidays for two weeks next week (the only drawback of a family run daycare) so I worked 3 days this week and last week to make up the days I'll miss. Nick arrived back on Monday from his mountain bike trip and we were very happy to have him home. Lulu & I missed our Thursday Mother's Group coffee, which was quite sad, after two days of work it's always fun to take Lulu & hang out with the other mums and bubs. 

We caught up with a friend Friday morning who has a two year old and was looking after 2 other two year olds as well. Lulu was hugged, loved & taken care of by the little girl and admired from afar by the little boys. That many two year olds certainly are exhausting. I don't know how my friend does it each week. 

This week home interior design caught my eye in the internets world:

via Inside Out came this Berlin apartment of Sandra Juto and Johnan Pergenius on Freunde Von Freunden which reminds me so much of Melbourne spaces. I think that's why we loved Berlin when we were there

Speaking of houses, I love this converted warehouse space on Apartment Therapy via A Denver Home Companion - the space belongs to friend's of theirs, how cool!

and back in baby land:
Do you walk out the house & realise you're wearing the same thing as your kid? Baby Blackbird posted about this on Thursday & do you know what? Friday morning when I read the post I realised Lulu and I were dressed the same. Both in cheesecloth outfits, hers a Purebaby Onesie and me a dress by Pako Litto.
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