Links to go with your coffee


We've ended the week feeling much, much better than when we started. We're going to take it easy this weekend & also get a few jobs done around the house. 

Things I've enjoyed this week on the interwebs include:

This kitchen posted by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes. I LOVE the orange fridge, how cool!

This post by Jody from Lemon Rhodes on how to appear busy. We have pyjama days too & Jody list a few quick tips to make it appear at the end of the day that you didn't have a pj day.

This post by Joanna from A Cup of Jo on sleep training. We are thinking of doing something similar with Lulu once these teeth break through. We bought the 'Save our Sleep Book' by Tizzie Hall for some guidance, my friend swears by Tizzie's routines. The comments on Joanna's post are really interesting, many real mums sharing their experiences with sleep training. I will certainly post more on this at a later date.