Frockin' up - Mixed Lollies New Store Style

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My favourite store in Alice Springs has moved! Mixed Lollies has relocated down the fun end of the mall, near the cafes I frequent. This I fear will be dangerous for me but great for them. Normally (sorry Stars!!) I avoid the end of the mall where they are located when I'm broke. Now I can't even do that. I'll be walking past the big glass windows full of goodies on a more than weekly basis. And they sell baby clothes. Our finances are  in for a dive. 

I popped into the store on Wednesday to check out their new space and of course I ended up trying on a bunch of tops, bringing home the one below. I originally thought it was a dress, but it was a little short when I tried it on... perfect for leggings though, don't you think? 
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Top: Backstage 
Leggings: Big W
Sandals: Witchery