Frockin' Up - Gala Style


This is what I wore to the Alice Springs Desert Festival Bush Foods Gala. The dress code was 'semi-formal', which in the Territory tends to be code for 'no thongs' (ie 'flipflops') and 'no t-shirts' or simply code for 'wear a shirt'. We took it to mean pants and heels & black. All the girls I went with wore black & three of us managed to have the black pants, black shirt & heels combo. I swear we did not plan this! At least one of us branched out with a black dress. 

It was fun trying out heels. I must confess I have a number of pairs of heels that I never wear. I just cannot put up with sore feet & so I generally go with the flats. But heels do (funnily enough) make me just that little bit taller, which is nice. But not nice enough to wear heels all the time. Platform wedges do make the whole heels thing a little bit easier. Are you a heels girl? Or do you go the comfort foot option like I normally do?