The Mindy Project

I am so excited about the Mindy Project, a new show from Mindy Kaling that premiered in the US yesterday. Mindy was a writer on the US Office, also a favourite of mine and she played Kelly Kapoor on the same show. Last year she wrote a very funny memoir, I love her humor and realness. I like her confidence. She's always optimistic and she always backs herself to win. Now that I have a daughter, I think of how I want her to grow up to be. Confident in her own skin, ready to go out and taken on the world, knowing that she can. 

I am hoping that the same optimism and confidence that Mindy seems to have in real life will shine through her character in the show. Her character is obsessed with romantic comedies, something I am quite fond of, and has a successful career - a winning combo in my book. A funny romcomesque sitcom that I can watch in a rare moment alone (or during Lulu's naptime) is I just what I need, I think. Now when will it be shown in Australia? 

*** Watched it online last night and LOVED IT. Funny, feel good stuff.