September Silmdown

I saw my brother & his girlfriend using this phrase, 'September Slimdown' on facebook so I thought I might join in. September is a perfect month for slimming down here in Australia. It's starting to feel warm enough to be outside but far enough away from the hot bathers weather to make a difference. Last week I managed to exercise each day, with an hour cardio on Monday & level 3 of the Shred on the other days. 

Yesterday I was supposed to meet up with a few other mums for a 6km walk but Lulu slept in, so later in the morning we went for a run instead. We don't have many hills in Alice Springs & so this slight rise leading up to the bridge from the river is what passes for a hill (see photo below). To make my exercise a little more 'hard core' I ran up and down this little hill 5 times pushing the baby (11kg including the pram). Yay me. There were people BBQing in the park next to me & it was really lucky the wind was blowing the other way otherwise I would have been hungry. 

Hopefully this little post has inspired you to join in on September Slimdown. Get out there & feel good. 

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