Links to go with your coffee - Sept 22

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This week on the interwebs I have enjoyed:

This post from Zoe Foster on how to fake looking awake. Much needed after a tiring week.

This post on how to tell you're at a Hipster Wedding. I think the lack of mason jars meant our wedding wasn't a hipster wedding?? You can make your own judgement here.

This post from Briana about cross-fit. Inspired me to get off my butt. If her neighbour is pregnant with twins and doing it then I can surely go for a run?! 

Speaking of exercise, September Silmdown is well and truly cranking along. I ran on Monday, did the Shred Wednesday night, went to the pool with Lulu Thursday (a few laps of the lazy river while holding an 8kg weight/baby totally counts, surely?), went for a run yesterday (all runs are with the baby and now include pushing the pram up and down a slope a few times), and today I did the Shred. Think I'll run tomorrow. Hope your weekend is energising....