Sleep & Teeth

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Here is a snapshot of the last few nights*, may we remember this when ever thinking of having another child and may it serve as a waring to those contemplating babies.....

Sunday night 
- Wouldn't go to sleep at all though she was so tired. We eventually walked her in the pram at 9:30pm & she fell asleep. 
- Slept in the pram in our room until 12 am then woke crying. Was transferred to our bed after we settled her down. 
Wakes up crying numerous times between 12 & morning but settled with just a tummy rub because she was lying between us. 

Monday night
- Falls asleep while feeding transfers to cot ok at 8
- Wakes up at 10, can't get back to sleep, rock & rock,  eventually drops off.
- Wakes again at 12 but falls asleep again after a cuddle
- 1:58am crying again. This time can't calm her down so we give her some food and panadol. She falls asleep while eating. Once she's finished the bottle we transfer her to our bed.
- Wakes crying again 3 more times before morning but can settle with a tummy rub.
- 6:30am I wake & start getting ready for work

Tuesday night
- Slept on me from 5:30 til just after 6. 
- Up for a bit but so cranky, Nick took her for a walk in the pram at 7:30, she dropped off to sleep
- Wakes up as we were sitting down to dinner at 8:30. Stayed awake through dinner, then went off to sleep with a bit of rocking after a bit of food, teething gel and panadol.
- Wakes up at 12 am crying but resettles with some rocking
- Wakes up at 2 am crying. Won't resettle. We give her food and panadol. She falls asleep before finishing the half the bottle. Put her in bed with us. Doesn't wake till 8. Success! She's getting better, though it may be too close to call this.

- Slept in the pram from 3:50 until 4:30 so I keep her occupied (Nick too once he's home from work) with various activities plus a bath until 7:30 when the real crankiness is setting in. Doesn't want food until I lie her in bed then she cries and cries so I try the food again. It works. She falls asleep eating, doesn't drink more than half the bottle. Transfers to cot. 
- Cries out at 8:30ish but resettles.
- Wakes up crying at just after 9. Nick changes her nappy, gives her the rest of the bottle & some panadol. She's asleep in the cot now. Hopefully for the rest of the night....

*Please bear in mind that we are considered lucky with the sleep thing, Lulu (when not teething) normally sleeps from 7ish to 6:30ish. For some people the above is what happens from the birth of the baby onwards.