On getting stuff done

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I think I may have overdone it yesterday. Lulu was so good all day I got heaps done, two loads of washing, cot sheets changed, weeding around half of the pool - Lulu spent most of the time while I was weeding giggling at me, seriously, she thought I looked hilarious. She slept while we walked into town to have lunch with Nick & slept on the way back, plus a little bit when we arrived home, enabling be to crack the cover of the new issue of Real Living. 

But as soon as it got dark, Lulu returned to her new clingy, crying state. We can't leave her for a second or she bursts into tears. She refuses to go to bed, finally giving into sleep while we feed her at around 9, when just last week she was in bed asleep for the night by 7. We miss our nights. We're back to almost that newborn state where one of us has to be with her at all times. Hopefully this phase wont last too long....

As for overdoing it, when Nick arrived home I also did the Shred, then cooked jalapeno popper chicken for dinner and this morning I woke up with a pulled muscle in my side. Stretches and ibuprofen will hopefully help, but boy does it feel good to have a few things done around here.