Naps are for Nannas not babies

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What is it with babies and sleep this week? It's like they've all decided that sleep isn't for babies. Naps? Only for Nannas. Seriously since last Friday Lulu hasn't gone to bed before nine and hasn't napped for more than 20 mins and this was only in her pram. AGH. 

If she wakes in the early hours of the morning we've been putting her in bed with us and she's been going back to sleep, so we really can't complain, there are no 3am feeds or anything, it's just odd than our baby has drastically changed her sleeping pattern.

The other thing that's changed is that from about 5pm Lulu's decided that she must be with one of us at all times. I cannot briefly leave the room at all, this includes going anywhere within the room where she can't see me. It's been challenging to say the least, especially Friday and Sunday afternoon when she decided this clingy period would happen much earlier when I was home alone. It sucks going to the toilet while your baby is crying (only crying because I am not there with her, she's fed & changed). 

I mentioned The Wonder Weeks the other day. It just happens that she's entered the Relationships leap. The book says that from 23 weeks some babies will become more clingy, nap less and cry more and this is EXACTLY what has happened. During this leap babies start to perceive distance, how far away things are, how small they are compared to everyone else. This understandably makes them need you to be closer to them & makes them more upset when you walk away. It can take them about a month to adjust. We just have to wait it out & give her many more cuddles in the meantime. 
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clingy cuddles Sunday afternoon

Lulu & I are heading to Adelaide for a few days to help my little brother celebrate his 30th. I am dreading the plane flight with this new Lulu, but hopefully many distractions will keep her occupied. 

Have a lovely weekend & we'll catch you Monday xx