Kangaroo & Polenta with a Caper Mint Sauce

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Nick credits the making of this dish with the cementing of our relationship. The dish then gained mythical powers as I only ever made it the one time due to the polenta bit being a little too hard. Too much stirring. But recently we found quick polenta that cooks with only 3 minutes of stirring, rather than 20. So it was time to crack this dish out again. 

As usual I forgot to double check the ingredients, leading Nick on a search for mint at 7 at night. Luckily his mum came to the rescue with dried mint. We need to plant a herb garden, anyhoo...

The recipe is..

Make polenta according to the instructions on the quick cooking packet. 


1 lemon juice & Zest
1 clove garlic
1 tsp capers
8 sprigs mint
4 chopped anchovies (do not skip, if you chop small then blend nicely in the sauce)
Mix all but the anchovies and mint. Add 100ml olive oil. Warm to serve. Before serving add anchovies and mint. 


Do not over cook Kangaroo. A minute or so each side in a hot fry pan is all it really needs. It should be served medium rare otherwise it will be as tough as hoe leather. 


Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App