Solo Plane Flight with Baby

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Lake Eyre on the right as viewed from our great height
Friday was my first solo plane flight with baby Lulu. I was extremely nervous. Nick had been with us on all other flights and Lulu usually stretched out over his long legs. What if this time it was just us in one seat squished next to strangers? What if she decided that screechy cry was the only thing she wanted to do all flight?

We were seated in the last row of the plane with just one other person in the row. An empty seat next to us gave us a little breathing room. Lulu was hungry as soon as we got on the plane despite drinking 150mls in the airport so I fed her & as we took off she fell asleep. For nearly an hour! Lucky me. I was able to read a fair bit of my novel on the iPad while she slept.

When Lulu woke we moved to the row across from us as it was empty and Lulu stretched out and played for the rest of the flight. When I needed to go to the toilet, Lulu flirted with the cute male flight attendant who volunteered to hold her. No dramas on the descent. All in all a successful flight. Am sure my day will come....