No links to go with your coffee

I would love to have a few snappy links for you this week but to be honest I haven't made time this week to enjoy the web. I'm back at work now, just two days a week, Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday was mother's group. Friday Lulu refused to sleep no matter what I did so we had to go for a run so she would sleep for half an hour in the pram. We had lunch with a friend and then Lulu slept in the pram (half hour max again) while I purchased a few ingredients for dinner. 

In the afternoon she had an hour where she wouldn't stop coughing and threw up twice. It was incredibly scary & as I got ready to take her to the hospital she fell asleep on the bed. When she woke up (yep after only half an hour) I gave her some panadol and she was much better. Her grandma popped by for cuddles and we decided that, aside from the dry cough, it was mainly teething problems that were causing her trouble. Lulu had more food and was asleep by 7. Agh. She had a bit of a cough at 11pm and again at 2am. At 5:30am she woke and tried to cry but her voice was so croaky she couldn't. We gave her a little more panadol, she drank a whole bottle of food & fell asleep between us in our bed. She slept until 8am and has been a little better today.  

But I tell you that hour yesterday afternoon was so scary.   

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Clown behind barbed wire on the North Stuart Highway