Exercise update

I just want to give a little update on where I am at with exercise. While we were in Adelaide I managed zero exercise, despite my excercise clothes taking up precious room in my suitcase, which really proves that you should never pack exercise clothes when you go on holidays as you will generally never use them. 

Since we've been back I have started back at work. Last week I managed 1 day of the 30 Day Shred and 2.5 days running. I say .5 because I did half of week 2 C25K before arriving at the cafe. I had good intentions on doing the other half upon leaving the cafe but it never eventuated. 

This week I have done three days in a row of 30 day shred. Congrats to me. Plus walking into town 2 days which is a 3km round trip. Not too bad. 

I've lost 2kg in a month so something is working at last.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppThis photo has nothing at all to do with exercise but I thought the graffiti was funny.