Adventures in Adelaide


1. The beautiful red centre.

2. Lulu in her own plane seat.

3. The Port Adelaide lighthouse with a little bit of sweater bombing.

4. Historic buildings at the Port.

5. Messing around at Freedom while searching for the ever elusive comfortable couch.

6. Sunrise & Twinkle lights as view from our awesome hotel room at the Oaks Liberty Towers.

The photos make the time look easy but to be honest, Lulu was a bit out of her comfort zone & non-routine, routine. She has a lot of 'alone time' at home - time on the play mat, time lying on the couch next to me, etc. Over the weekend she spent a lot of time being held, and not much time 'alone'. After a while she became  very frustrated with being held & with being in another new place. Meltdowns in the middle of restaurants became our norm over & as you jiggle her up while trying not to disturb the other patrons & down you tend to forget that a walk in the pram might be just what she needs to calm down. Tonight we're at Mum & Dad's & she was asleep in her travel cot before 7:30, the tired little mite.