Adelaide Baby Hire

Babies need a lot of stuff, which makes flying with them a bit of a challenge. Qantas does allow you to take three baby items (car carrier etc) but getting to the airport with a suitcase is hard enough so we hired everything we needed for this trip from Adelaide Baby Hire. You can hire for a day, week, fortnight or per month, it's all brand new and they will deliver it all to you at the airport & pick it up! We hired a car capsule (it's illegal in SA not to have one even if you are traveling in a taxi) and pram. We were also going to hire a porta-cot but Mum & Dad were given one. 

The Babylove capsule we hired was great but I wouldn't recommend the Bablylove Snap n Go pram. It was so hard to use. Like trying to push a shopping trolley, the wheels would be going one way while you were trying to go the other. you can't steer with one hand. The brake was really hard to undo if you weren't wearing boots. I wore canvas shoes & happened to put the break on when going up one of those ramp escalators & then couldn't undo the break when we reached the top which almost ended up in a Today Tonight style lawsuit against the pram company & the shopping centre. The capsule fit into the pram but if you wanted to use the pram on it's own in the reclined position then you couldn't store anything in the basket and if you hung your nappy bag off the back then the whole thing over balances unless your 6kg baby is in the pram. No one wants to be lugging a nappy bag on your shoulder when you're wandering the streets. I think we've been spoiled with our MEGA pram the Valco Trimode Ex. 

Anyway Adelaide Baby Hire is great & I would throughly recommend you hire from them if you happen to be visiting rAdelaide. 


I have NOT been paid for this post, I just think they offer a great service.