A few of our favourite baby things - Birth to 4 months


1. Mr Sun - Bright starts - As mentioned here, Lulu & Mr Sun have been best of friends since that blessed day I attached him to the handle of her car capsule.

2. Bonds Onesie - Lulu would live in these if it were up to me & if I didn't have to suffer the 'wow, still in her Pjs?' question. They have buttons along the crotch for easy nappy change, the buttons don't gape so you never see her skin through them, the kimono style offers extra chest protection and they have mitts that pull over her hands so she doesn't scratch herself.

3. Play mat - Just like Mr Sun, the play mat entertains Lulu for hours (when 20 mins to myself felt like hours). It's been fun watching her progress from looking, to grabbing, to trying to eat parts of the play mat.

4. Mam Anti Colic Bottles - Lulu spits up a lot and these bottles have drastically reduced the amount of spit up. Plus they can fully be taken apart so they air out properly. I WISH I had discovered these a lot earlier. 

5. Pure Baby Sleep Sack - As soon as it started getting chilly Lulu would wake up in the early hours of the morning as she moved herself out of the blankets. The sleepy sack saved us.