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Lulu & I are both sick this weekend. I have a cold & a horrible rash which covers most of my body. It appears to be an allergic reaction to something unknown according to the surgeon & his second consult I saw at the ER this morning (there is no after hours clinic in Alice Springs & I wanted to make sure it wasn't something infectious). Lulu has an upper respiratory infection which the hospital wants to monitor closely so it doesn't turn into bronchitis. We have a follow up appointment for her at the peads clinic tomorrow. 

Poor mite had her 4 month needles on Thursday then came down with a cold Friday & is still unwell. It's hard listening to her all blocked up & snotty. Does anyone have any tricks for getting snot out of a baby's nose? We've been using FESS saline spray & a tissue & running the vapouriser with vicks 24/7, but she's still really blocked up.

No exercise stats this week as between work, doctors appointments, unpacking & cleaning the old place there has been no time at all to exercise.