Mum guilt & a clean house

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I felt a little, well more than a little 'mum guilt' dropping Lulu at childcare yesterday. I didn't have to work but to keep the place we have to pay for the childcare. Since we were paying for the day anyway, a chance to have Lulu looked after while I got some uninterrupted cleaning done was too good to pass up. We haven't had time to do housework since we moved into this house nearly a month ago. Between unpacking boxes, finishing up at the old house & work there just hasn't been the time. So off to childcare she went. I got a tone done. A few loads of washing, clean sheets, vacuumed floor, cleaned the dried spew of the leather couches, etc, etc. All the fun stuff. 

And do you know what? When I went to collect Lulu from childcare (just after lunch) she really wasn't bothered. She'd had a play, some food, a nap and was back to play. Going home with mum was way more boring than playing with the cool toys at childcare. But I still felt a little guilty, to be honest, more from the fact that I liked the chance to get some things done, than from actually leaving her.   

Have you experienced 'mum guilt' lately?