Frockin' up - Mother's Group

My friend & I started our own mother's group. We each invited a few friends who all have babies within one or two month's age of our babies and we meet each Thursday for coffee. The first week 10 mums & babies showed up! Amazing. It's great to be able to chat about the babies & how we're all coping. A few of the mums have older kids, which is great, as they have a lot more advice to give. If you have just had a baby I really encourage you to seek out any chance to connect with other mums & if the new mums programs in your area suck, just ask a few of the mums to have a coffee with you. You never know, they just might come. 

This is what Lulu & I wore:
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

On me: Top - Bluenotes, Jeans - Cotton On, Shoes - Toms.
On Lulu: - Top Kmart, Leggings - Kmart, Socks - Bonds