A room of one's own

Guess who slept in her own room for the first time last night? Lulu's been in our room since she was born, but her noisy sleeping and the night light was making it a bit of a challenge. She loves being in her room when she gets her nappy changed & is so fascinated by everything in there, it seemed a shame that she wasn't using the room more. 

Last night she had a feed around 8:30 and was so sleepy afterwoulds that I thought I'd try just laying her in the cot to fall asleep. I sat next to her reading 'the Cat in the Hat' as she fell asleep, by herself, in her own room. Amazing. She's so grown up now. 

This morning she woke us up with a cry as usual, however she normally continues to cry until we pick her up (do I need to say that this interval isn't very long or will you assume it isn't?), but today she stopped after the first cry & when I went into her room she was awake & staring happily at her mobile. She gave me a huge smile and then continued to look at the mobile. Success. A happy baby in her own space.