Cranky Lulu & possible teeth?

Lulu on her playmat, wearing a onesie by Milky
Do you ever have one of those days where the crankiness never seems to go away? Well, Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday were cranky days for us. Monday afternoon Lulu would fall asleep only to wake up a few minutes later with gas or a little spew or just general crankiness. She woke up during the night with gas and then wanted a tiny feed, which she hasn't done since her needles a  few weeks ago.

Tuesday all bets were off. If I held her she'd cry, if I put her down she'd cry. It was also the only morning that I thought I'd try and go back to bed instead of taking her with me for a run. Maybe things would have been different if we'd just gone running? She had really rosy cheeks and wasn't eating all her food. By the afternoon I was determined to get her to sleep for more than 20 mins so we went for the biggest walk and she slept for about 1.5hrs with a little bit of wake time in between. That evening she was much better & even played on the playmat while I prepared dinner. Success. 

It does look as though she might be getting a tooth, there's a tiny white spot on her upper gum, however from everything I read teeth don't come until about 4 months and she's only 10 weeks, plus teeth normally come in on the bottom first. Could it be teeth? When did your child start teething?