Pregnancy weight gain & post pregnancy weight loss

This is a somewhat scrapped together picture timeline of the baby growth/my weight gain. Over the whole pregnancy I went from 56kg to 69kg (I'm five foot). Pre-pregnancy I'd been running most mornings (see Morning Runs). During the first trimester I had bad morning sickness so any kind of exercise was pretty much eliminated. From midway through the second trimester I couldn't walk more than 100m without desperately needing to pee. My feet blew up like balloons on the plane back from Canada in September & never went down, both contributing to my continued non-existent exercise routine. I spent most of the third trimester with my feet up. Add in a sugar craving and it's lucky 13kg is all I gained. 

Since the birth I have been itching to exercise. 
The 1st week we spent in hospital. I lost 3kg no thanks to our diet of take-away foods due to terrible hospital food. I'd have been skin & bone if I'd stuck with hospital food. 
The 2nd week the main walking I did was grocery shopping & going up & down the stairs in our house. We started eating healthy food and I cut out sugar. 
Week 3 I started walking into town with Lulu (3km round trip), at least two trips a week, I also tried going for a run, but my belly jiggled too much so I stopped after 3.2 seconds. 
Week 4 I continued walking and I even went for a power walk sans Lulu. By the end of this week I'd lost 7kg, bringing my weight down to 62kg.
Week 5 (this past week) The doctor has given me the all clear to start running again. I'm back to the beginning of the Couch to 5km, I've completed two days and it feels fantastic. I've also started the post birth abdominal crunches. A little sugar has crept back into the diet as Easter is approaching (how on earth can you resist those eggs?)

I'm going to wait till week 8 to weigh myself again, to give my body a chance to even out & for me to not stress at little gains or stable loss. My goal for April is to lose 4kg, so stay tuned.

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