Obsession - iPhone Cases

Ok, so I used the baby as an excuse to get a new iPhone, on a plan from Virgin. My old iPhone was one of the first iPhones & it had done me well, but it was starting to not answer calls, the home button was sticking and the main reason to get a new phone was the shite camera. 

My new phone has arrived & it is everything I hoped for and more. The photos it takes are amazing, the baby no longer looks pixilated. The internet works well (3G!). Turns out it was my phone that made the internet not work, not the crappy internet in Alice Springs. 

I have never been into iPhone cases before but the iPhone 4s seems to need one. The iPhone case I had been obsessed with by ban.do comes with a $41 shipping fee to Australia so that was never going to happen (Weird when it only cost me $20 to send 3kg of stuff from the US to Aus!!).  Somehow I stumbled upon the iphone cases on Society6. There are so many to chose from, I could have spent the whole day searching the site. Luckily I have a baby that prevents that. My choice was narrowed down to the three below, then I found My Confetti Heart & the decision was made....
The cases can be found here, here, here & here