Morning run

I'm up to week four on Couch to 5km! I can't believe the weeks have gone by so quickly. Almost every day I do the couch to 5km which takes us about 2.5km and then we (Lulu comes to in the mega jogging pram) walk another 2.5-3km to get home. This week on our morning run, Lulu & I saw.. 
 Smoke in the Gap which , as we came closer, turned out to be fog. South of the Gap was fogged out, north of the Gap was clear, sunny skies.
 A caterpillar train
 A school crossing
 A tree house
and we did some yoga in the park

While I haven't seen any movement on the scale since 4 weeks post birth, I can do up a button on a pair of pants that I couldn't do up before & I am feeling much healthier for going on these runs.