Mail and a catch up

It has been raining here in Alice Springs for the last few days and everything has fallen by the wayside. When it rains so irregularly it is easy to stay in & wait for it to clear rather than head out in the rain. 

Thursday night we were broken into. We were quite fortunate in that they only stole an iPhone and an iPad and Nick's wallet. The wallet was later recovered, with the credit cards still in it. No real damage was done, but it does feel icky that someone was in our place while we were sleeping. From this we did meet our neighbours, who were also broken into. We hit it off & went to a BBQ at their place Friday night & then we all went to a fundraiser at a local pub the next night.

The fundraiser was for a child who has cancer. Our local hospital is unable to treat  people with cancer so if you need treatment you have to go to wither Sydney or Adelaide, both at least 2000kms from Alice Springs. It makes it pretty hard for a parent to hold down a job and be with the child. The fundraiser was to enable the dad to keep working in Alice Springs but be able to fly to Sydney every two weeks to see his wife and children. Makes you realise how lucky you are that you're healthy & your children are healthy. 

We received a parcel from Canada on Friday! My friend had crocheted a blanket for Lulu's pram. It is so cute, snuggly and warm. I made the tiny bunting to go across her pram a little while ago & I think they are the perfect match.