Friday Mummy/Daughter breakfast

We woke up Friday morning to one of those rare Alice Springs morning where it was raining AND cold. There is something magical about cold, rainy days in Alice Springs. Might be because we get maybe one or two a year! You have to get out & enjoy them. I was planning on going for a run with Lulu but since we did not have wet weather pram gear and as we needed to drive Nick work I skipped my usual at home breakfast in favour of a shower and then Lulu & I headed into town for breakfast once we'd dropped Nick off.   
Lulu was the only baby in town the other day without a hat to keep her head warm, so I was determined that I would not look like a bad mother on this cold morning & make sure Lulu had a hat on. Turns out the hat I chose was a little too big. It kept covering her eyes and I ended up just covering her head with it. 
Lulu stayed asleep long enough for me to read the paper, eat breakfast and then read a chapter of my book! Amazing.  She eventually wake up & we got to hang out. It was a lovely way to start the day.