Baby sleep cycles

I recently bought the book 'French Children Don't throw food' by Pamela Druckerman (the American title is the much more pleasant ‘Bringing up Bebe’). While it does seem a little too early to be reading a book about raising a child, the beginning of the book is actually about pregnancy & birth and then there is a chapter about sleep.

This chapter is fantastic. It talks about how babies have sleep cycles & they'll often wake between cycles & seem unsettled. If you leave them for a bit (just pause & observe) to see whether they really have woken up or not. If their crying escalates or they don’t close their eyes then pick them up but if you pick them up too early then you interrupt their sleep cycle & they wont learn to sleep longer than 2 or so hours.

Babies make so much noise when they sleep, grunting etc. It’s quite something & takes a bit of getting used to. For a while you think they might be choking or something, but they’re fine. Anyway this chapter spoke to me. Sometimes Lulu will scream three or four times, and you think 'holy crap girl' & want to calm her down, but after the 4th time she just goes back to sleep. It's amazing! Pause & observe, then intervene if needed. Magic.