Baby nighttime sleep routine

When Lulu lost so much weight, the midwives put us on a three hourly feeding schedule, including the night. More often than not we needed to wake Lulu for the midnight, one & four o'clock feeds. Looking back we probably would have woken her for the midnight feed and then feed her again at 5 or 6 am, that way her nighttime sleeping would have been firmly cemented. Now she’s much bigger she still wakes for two feeds at night. One around 3 and another around 5. We’re pretty lucky, she’s usually asleep by 8 or 9, 10 at the latest & she sleeps through until the 3 o’clock feed. We attempt a dreamtime feed at 11 or 12 (if Nick is still up – he’s a night owl, I’m better in the mornings – was not a good combo pre-baby, but excellent post baby!) but most of the time she refuses to take the bottle, she's too asleep.

This has been the nighttime routine since week 5 and to be honest it's all her doing, not ours. Before that she followed the hospital schedule of waking up around 1am, 3am and 5am for food! Agh - though I am told that this is still a good nighttime routine. What’s your baby’s nighttime routine like?