What baby daytime sleep routine?

Sleeping in the car capsule at Soma Cafe
While Lulu has settled herself into somewhat of a night time sleeping routine (see here for details), the daytime is a very different story. I thought there might be some pattern to it that I wasn’t recognising so I downloaded What to Expect Baby Tracker. Baby Tracker has a timer you can hit when she falls asleep. It times in the background so you can use your phone for other stuff and if you don’t have a chance to start the timer when your baby goes to sleep you can enter the sleep manually into the log. You can also edit the start or finish times if you forget to start/stop the timer. At the end of the day you can see how many hours she slept & over a few days you can recognise patterns in sleep times.

Lulu wakes for the day at 7, the same time our alarm goes off. She will then go back to sleep between 8 and 9 am for about an hour. After this there is no pattern. Some days she’ll sleep from 10 until 12 or 1 and back to sleep from 2 until 5. Other days she won’t sleep at all for the rest of the day. On these days she can either be quite cranky about not sleeping or she can be a happy baby. Some days if she is sleeping she’ll only sleep on your lap or in your arms. As soon as you try & put her down she’ll wake up. But other days she’ll be fine to sleep by herself. She doesn’t care about music or light & will sleep anywhere if she wants too. If she doesn’t want to sleep she won’t.

It really is just about rolling with the punches & not thinking that she’s not sleeping because of something we’ve done. We can be at home all day & she wont sleep. We can be out all day & she will sleep when we’re out, yet a few days later she won’t sleep when we’re out. I’m learning not to get upset about it, but it can be quite trying at times.

Does your baby have a day time sleep routine or is it completely random like Lulu’s?