8 week check-up & vaccinations

Lulu had her 8 week check up & vaccinations yesterday. She was a trooper. We went on our usual run and then walked to the community health centre where we had the checkup. By the time we arrived she needed a nappy change and a feed. To check her weight she needed to be nude so we fixed the nappy bit right away but for food she had to wait a few extra minutes until she had swallowed her oral vaccination. She seemed to spit most of it out and was downright cranky by this stage. Fair enough! I gave her a bit of her bottle while the nurse gave her the first needle in the leg. Turns out food is not enough of a distraction for a needle. She howled and howled. Poor thing. After a second needle in the other leg, she was finally placated with more cuddles and food. She slept all the way home.
We bought some children's panadol in case she developed a fever, but were lucky enough not to need it. Her legs are still a little sore and she slept a lot (7.5 hours straight!), but she is otherwise ok.