Out & About

Even before having the baby we were determined that we wouldn't be one of those couples who disappears, never to be seen again until the baby reaches high school age. To maintain our own sanity we need to get out. Of course there will be times (many times, I'm sure) when staying in is what Lulu and we need to do, but having a baby that can go out and sleep anywhere is important to us. This past weekend was the first weekend out of the hospital and we wanted to spend it out and about.
Friday night we had dinner at Casa Nostra.
Saturday was one of those days we spent in, catching up on sleep & visiting with Nick's sister who was here from Melbourne.
Sunday we went to the markets, where Lulu was kissed by politicians campaigning for town council elections. This was followed by brunch at Soma. 
Sunday afternoon we walked to Montes to meet up with some friends for a bit of a Sunday afternoon session. This might just be our new Sunday afternoon tradition. 
Lulu took this all in her stride, we are so lucky to have such a good baby!

How was your weekend?