Newborn with conjunctivitis

At Lulu's 2:00am feed the other night we noticed her eye was all gunky and stuck together, poor little mite had conjunctivitis. She was pretty upset, I got upset too (what else can you do at 2:00am?). We wiped out the gunk, then Nick looked up treatments on the interwebs while I fed her. What on earth did parents do without the internet? 

The next day Lulu had her first trip to the doctor. The doctor gave us a script for some ointment & some saline solution to clean out her eye with. It was much, much better by later that afternoon. 

Turns out conjunctivitis is pretty common. You can clear it up with breastmilk (is there anything that stuff doesn't do?), but it takes a little longer. Lulu was really good in letting my wash out her eye. She realised fairly quickly that cleaning out the eye was for the best. Such a smart little girl.