New pjs

I have been waiting & waiting for Peter Alexander to release a new collection that isn't designed for adolescent girls. The past few collections have been woeful, with terrible almost cartoony characters & prints. I much prefer a good pattern & I'm very partial to animal print. The latest collection fits the bill. I could have ordered 3 or 4 pairs of pjs 
I ended up ordering these wide leg leopard print pants & a matching eye mask online & they arrived within 3 working days. A miracle for Alice Springs. The eye mask has become essential now that we sleep with a nightlight so we can easily see Lulu when she stirs. She's been sleeping in our room since we came home from hospital. She just seemed far too little to sleep in her room by herself. Anyway I'm loving the new pjs. The fabric Peter Alexander uses is just divine. You really cant find better, believe me, I've looked.