Laundry Renovations - before & after

 We started our renovations way back in October (see here) & although we were able to move in at the end of November, I've put off blogging about the results until we'd finished off the little details. It seems like it's never ending so I've decided to give up on that & just post the photos. First up is the laundry... 

 The laundry was a fairly white plain room. The tiles showed all the dirt & there was no linen cupboard. We were originally just going to replace the tiles, but once you start you suddenly have a new toilet, tapware, sink & cupboard.
 Nick & his mum came up with this awesome tile colour combination. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when we first looked at the combination at the shop but I am so glad we went with it. The tiler was also unsure about random patterning and so Nick ended up handing him each tile to create the random pattern. He was won over in the end & even took a photo for his 'great jobs' file!
We now have a linen cupboard which means that the other cupboard I used to use for linen has been turned into a pantry & we have more room in the kitchen cupboards. Nick certainly is an ideas man, coming up with all these solutions to our storage problems.  

Tiles, tapware, sink & toilets from Taps Tubs & Tiles (store owned by Nick's family). Washing machine from Harvey Norman & cupboard from Home Hardware