Frockin' up - Morning baby meet up

Wednesday we went over a friend's for a baby get together. Her baby girl was born 5 days before Lulu. We were joined by another friend (who happened to be my midwife until she went on maternity leave) who's little girl is just 2 weeks old! It's lovely to have friends who also have little bubs. Great for advice & confirmation that what you're going through is 'normal'. 
Top - American Eagle
Pants - Kmart
Thongs - Havianas
Necklace - Victoria BC Markets
Onsie - gift from Auntie Noosh
Star blanket - Target
Cream blanket - Pumpkin Patch
Quilt cover sans quilt - Ikea

I blinged up my toes with a nailpolish combo. Makes me smile everytime I see it.