Baby Things

After spending a few hours with my friends and their gorgeous new born baby I realised how grossly underprepared we are for the arrival of the baby. Their baby went through a change of clothes and blankets within the first hour I was there & what about the rest of the day? 

Turns out we do already have 5 baby muslin wraps, the baby books say to have 6, so we're doing ok here. But the clothes are another story. We have maybe two or three newborn - 3 month old onesies. So yesterday I happened by Target, where they are having a massive baby sale (yes you can buy giant babies from them) and picked up a few cute onesies. Don't tell they baby, but they're mostly 'boy' ones. Why are all the girl clothes pink and the boy ones cool patterns (like the whales & elephants below) or fun green and blue? Well, she's going to rock the cool 'boy' clothes. 

Now to go back next week and get the lotions, nappies, cot sheets , baby monitor, etc, etc.