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No Sleep | Girl in the Pjs

My cute, gorgeous baby has decided to all but drop her day naps. Refusing to sleep more than half an hour at a time. She used to sleep for at least 2-4 hours each morning. I knew that it would come to an end sometime, I just didn't think it would be so soon. And I thought it would just be a cutting back, not giving up all together! Needless to say this blog has been a little neglected. There will be a big post this week, so please keep checking in.





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Advice for a C-Section

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When I was told that I would have to have

a c-section

, I came across a few blog posts that went through what happened or what to expect during a c-section that were so helpful to me that I wanted to share a few things too. Rather than specific step by step information, what follows are the remarkable things that stood out to me about the C-section process and my advice to you. If you are interested in what happens during a c-section, then please click through.

C- Section Preparation

Like most surgeries, changing into the hospital gown signals the beginning of the procedure. You are asked to remove all nail polish and jewellery. Then the nurse will ask if you need the top section of public hair shaved. This is a little confronting as I had no idea if I need it shaved or not, I've never had a c-scetion before. So I let the nurse be the judge. You are then taken up to the theatre pre-op area.

Know your name

Get used to saying your name, birth date and what procedure you are there for over and over again. You will be asked many, many times. In pre-op you will chat to the anaesthetist and the surgeon about the procedure and then you are taken into the theatre.


In theatre the nurse has you swing your legs over the edge of the bed while the put the needle into your back. My midwife held my hands (and me) still while this happened. They then lay you back down and test with ice on various parts of your leg to see if the anaesthetic has taken hold.

C-Section Procedure

The sheet goes up and you can feel what is happening but not see it. One of the anaesthetist talked me though the procedure and my big advice to you is to insist on a general if you are at all squeamish. Especially if it is an emergency situation. You can feel things happening to you, there is no pain but there is yanking and pulling. Because of the emergency I didn't see the baby straight away. There was no lovely cuddles with the sheet up that you see in photos of planned c-sections. The baby was brought past quickly on her way to the special care nursery. There really was no need for me to be awake through the procedure. I found the whole thing to be quite unsettling and if I ever had to do though it again I would want to be under.

C-Section Recovery

Take all the pain medication that is on offer. I cannot stress this enough. You have been through a surgical procedure. Muscles have been cut. Organs have been moved around. Take the pain killers. Also take all the rest you can get. While moving about does help everything (for some reason the pain is less if you move about and more if you have been resting for long periods of time), resting is also important, so rest when you can. And go easy on yourself.

Have you had a c-section? What surprised you the most about it?


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Pregnancy Essentials

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Though a wonderful joy, pregnancy can be down right uncomfortable with swollen feet/legs/body, an ever growing stomach, sore back and a myriad of other afflictions. So today I'm sharing a few essential things that have helped my get through this pregnancy in a little more comfort and style:

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1. Pregnancy multivitamins to keep you and the baby healthy.

2. The most beautiful smelling 

face and body cleanser

 - this says on your skin for hours. Perfect for an evening bath.

3.  Milo satisfies your chocolate cravings, while also being a source of iron.

4. While this is a bath and shower oil, you can use it as a very intensive moisturiser, perfect for really dry skin and a growing belly.

5. Epsom salts to ease achy muscles in the bath

6. You will need to go up an underwear size. These from Aerie are so comfy. I stocked up big when I was in Canada at Christmas but you can order online from Australia.

7. A


for your back

8. A stretchy black dress from Cotton On. This dress will stretch without going see through, is super comfortable and at $19 it is the perfect price for your maternity wear budget.

What helped you get through your pregnancy?

  Please add to this list in the comments. Anything to make pregnancy a little easier is more than welcome!

Lulu's Peppa Party

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Lulu has been planning her 4th birthday party, well, since her last birthday party. She decided a long time ago that she was having a Peppa party and that was that. This post is pretty image heavy so to keep the main page moving, there is more after the jump:

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Lulu planned:

The time

- 'I'd like a nighttime party'. We compromised with a 4pm start

The food

 - 'I want to eat sausages with my friends'. We also had fairy bread (which my mum & lulu made), watermelon, grapes, jelly shots and a cheese platter (graciously supplied by my mother-in-law). The cake was made by my mother-in-law! Lulu had her heart set on the Peppa cake at Coles, but the shelf life of that cake is enormous and there are no ingredients that resemble food so my mother-in-law took the Peppa part of that cake and made a super yummy cake instead.

The highlights

 - 'Can I have pop pops at my party like at my work christmas party?' Fireworks at at 4th birthday?! We knocked back that idea. The fireworks were only at her daycare christmas party because it coincided with the Town Council Christmas Carnival fireworks. We did have glow in the dark fairy wands, a hit with boys and girls!

The games

 - These became more and more elaborate, starting with musical chairs, then pass the parcel and moving to a Piñata. We kept the piñata idea and I suggested swimming as it looked like the temp would be 39 degrees. All the kids can now swim on their own (with close supervision) so swimming was a great activity for such a hot day. A few of the adults, including me, ended up going in too after dinner. In the end we forgot about the piñata and didn't 'open' it until later in the evening (the nighttime part of the party) and 4 kids got to share a lot of lollies at a very inappropriate time for lollie eating.

The Party Bags

 - Lulu put a lot of planning into the party bags, coming shopping with me for items which included glow in the dark fairy wands, peppa pig blowers, bubbles, sunglasses and a box of Peppa Pig yoghurt covered sultanas.

The Decorations

 - This was left to me. Since I was 25 weeks pregnant I decided not to make anything myself, however this totally backfired as the big round 'flowers' needed 'fluffing' and that took FOREVER. The bunting was easy.

Lulu thoroughly enjoyed her party, staying up later than me (I went to be at 9, just as a movie was being put on for the kids!) to wave good bye to the last of her guests just before midnight!! She indeed had the nighttime party she was after.

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 photo Lulus-Peppa-Party-05_zpsjfa5frg7.jpg
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Peppa Party Supplies from

The Party Cupboard

Decorations from Kmart aside from Peppa Banner from

the Party Cupboard


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Roadtripping with a Baby

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Last Thursday we headed off for our annual trip to Apollo Bay. We had decided to drive, mainly because Apollo Bay is a 2.5hr trip from Melbourne & if we flew we'd have to hire a car to get here from the airport anyway. However, Apollo Bay happens to be a 3 day car trip from Alice Springs and I think Lulu must have sensed that she'd be trapped in a car for 3 days, so she threw up before we even left the house and then 3 more times before we reached the Finke Start/Finish line, which is about 15km from Alice Springs. 

Since we were still in mobile phone range I looked at the cost of a flight to Adelaide for Lulu & I. Fights were less than $250 and with the possibility that Lulu would continue to be sick during the day when we're 300km from no where (not an exaggeration), we turned back and took the flight. Nick, the hero, met us in Adelaide the next day with the car. We spent two nights with my parents before continuing the journey to Apollo Bay. Lulu wasn't sick over the weekend & only threw up twice during what became an over 10hr car trip. 

It's normally about a 7hr trip to the Bay, but when you're travelling with a baby you need to make a lot of stops and the stops aren't just running to use the loo or buy a drink. You've got the nappy change, a feed (and yes, she'll suck that bottle down as slowly as possible), stretching her little legs, playing on the swings. The old 'she'll just fall asleep because it's so boring' did not apply. She slept for maybe three hours in total! My tips for roadtripping with an 11 month old? 

  • ensure you can reach from the front to give the baby a bottle in the back - my arms are way too short for this to be comfortable
  • Interactive book/s - Lulu loves books where she can feel different elements ie sandpaper, fluffy, bumpy. One of these books can keep her entertained for ages.
  • Hanging toys - hang different toys from the handle above the door.
  • Snacks - I lost count of how many rice crackers Lulu ate. Many ended up on the floor but they all kept her occupied for a while
  • Sesame Street - At some point it's all just going to get to be too much. This is when you crack out the sesame street on the ipad. Yes, I was someone who said my kid wouldn't watch tv in the car but when confronted with a crying 11 month old who just wants out though we stopped 10 mins ago? TV wins. 

Have you done a big road trip with your baby?

Any tips for our trip back? We are contemplating another flight!