Surprise Gift Ideas for Kids from Lush

I had never thought of Lush as a place to get presets for little kids. Sure teenagers will love their products, but little kids had never crossed my mind, until... their catalogue appeared in our mailbox one day. I was looking though it on the couch and Lulu came up to see what I was doing. In that way that pre-schoolers do, she quickly snatched the catalogue from me and proceeded to point out all the things that she would like Santa to bring.

Lush is perfect as you don't end up with piles of broken plastic toys. Their products a useful and they don't hurt the environment. Plus they are perfect gifts for a travelling holiday as the kids can use them while you are away. It's win win.

Here are Lulu's picks from the Lush Christmas catalogue

Surprise Gift Ideas for Kids From Lush

Lulu's picks of the surprise gift ideas for kids from Lush include:

1. Snowman Fun - your kids can make this snowman. The snowman can then be used to make bubbles and clean your kid. It's a versatile snowman.

2. Fairy Dust Dusting Powder - Ok so I'm not exactly sure what this fairy dust does, however it does promise to keep you 'fresh for big adventures'. Anything fairy dust is fine by Lulu.

3. Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - The name says it all. Just crumble under running water for lots of bubbles.

4. Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar  - Again, you can't go wrong with fairy stuff. Swirl it around the bath for magic bubbles then put it aside to use again.

Next time your stuck for a gift for a little kid, head to Lush!

*this post was not sponsored by Lush, I just wanted to share my magical discovery with you all!

Three New Christmas Movies to Love

 photo New-Christmas-Movies-2015-Girl-in-the-pjs_zpsa4oqwgyw.jpg

Love the Coopers

There is nothing I love more than a Christmas movie, except a Christmas movie with Dianne Keaton. This movie not only has Dianne Keaton, but also many more actors that I love. It looks to be a fabulous, feel good movie. 

Christmas Eve

This movie is shamelessly appealing to all lovers of Love Actually. I know I’m going to love it. 

The Night Before

This is your classic bromance movie. I’m not sure if I’ll love it, but I do love most of the actors in it. plus there is a cameo from Mindy Kaling so I’ll give it a go.

Christmas Beach Holiday 2014

 photo beach2_zps820c98e5.jpg

Manyana Beach, NSW


Christmas at my Aunt's

we headed further south to Bendalong. I had booked us a cabin at the

Bendalong Point Tourist Park

way back in May and my parents had booked an unpowered site for their solar powered caravan.

We had never been there before but we wanted to spend a little more time with my parents & my mum loves the beach, as do I, so a caravan park holiday was perfect. The park had a splash park and large jumpy pillow, and there was a playground on the beach, so Lulu was unsure exactly what activity she should do first!

We spent our mornings driving to Milton for lovely coffee and breakfast and our afternoons at the beach. It was so restful and relaxing. It all feels a little like a dream now that we're back here at work. Till next time.... Links to our favourite spots below.

 photo beach-ready_zps1b61aaf6.jpg

Beach ready with her running shoes

 photo photo-by-Lulu_zps7eaabe5f.jpg

Photo by Lulu

 photo beach_zpsa36c5c12.jpg
 photo beach-3_zps88c1850d.jpg
 photo kangaroos_zps7fd9df32.jpg

Kangaroos came right up to the cabin - I couldn't help but think how lucky they were to live here



Bendalong Point Tourist Park


- Bendalong Point & Manyana



Pilgrims Cafe

, Milton, Fish & Chips on the beach, Bendalong, the best chilli chorizo sausages you will ever taste from Ted's Quality Meat at Milton, the best sourdough baguettes from

Flour Water Salt

, Milton


- Milton had so many cute stores to look in, we were impressed with Milton, to say the least, can you tell?

Merry Christmas!

 photo merry-christmas_zpsed1d578a.jpg

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!! I'm taking a little break over Christmas but will be back between Christmas and New Years with a few posts to ease the post-christmas blues.

And if you have a little time, please enjoy these awesome Muppets Chirstmas you tube clips - a friend posted one on Facebook the other day - seriously why did no one tell me that the Muppets are doing you tube clips?! I love the Muppets! Enjoy....

Alice Springs Town Council Christmas Carnival

Each year our town council has a Christmas night markets, carnival and tree lighting ceremony. We didn't make the tree lighting Friday night as Lulu was too taken with the giant blow-up slide. She has begged to go on a giant slide for the last two years at the show and she has been too little. This Christmas was her time. It was so exciting to watch her achieve her goal. The grainy photo is her coming down the slide, too quick and so happy. Merry Christmas.