On Moving

Our little house was busing at the seams. The surprise addition of little miss Jemima added a whole new person to our 3 small bedroom, one bathroom house. We needed more storage for the girls clothes, toys etc. The big girls were sharing a room but there would not have been room to add Jemima into that room. She’d then need to be in the playroom/office. Nick’s working from home so all that paperwork was spread around the house. We needed something slightly bigger.

So we moved.

On Moving

On Cooking or not

I recently read this article by Mindy Berry about her Mom who never cooked. Instead of cooking her mum played tennis every afternoon when she finished work and bought home take away. Big box takeaways hadn’t made it to their town yet, but they had a rotation of takeaways like chinese food or restaurant takeaway. And her mom never felt guilty about it, never!

She didn’t like to cook. She didn’t find it relaxing or rewarding to “have something in the oven.” Her own mother didn’t get satisfaction from making meals, and she didn’t encourage my mom, or any of us, to take it up.
— Mindy Berry

This is a revelation - not cooking each night & no guilt. Each Thursday night we have a rotation of hot dogs or dino nuggets and tater tots. Sometimes I’ll add peas to their plate of dino nuggets but sometimes we don’t have any peas, so no greens that night. There’s always a small amount of guilt that they aren’t having healthy foods. That I could be cooking something much better for them. Why don’t I just put on pasta with spinach? Well, that would lead to two pots and a strainer to clean up. Those dino nuggets only leave one tray to wipe and often it can fit in the dishwasher - win win.

In these days of instagram / pinterest / wellness / healthy living it appears that everyone is making healthy food and that you are the only one that isn’t. Maybe they are cooking healthy every night and maybe they aren’t. But just maybe you don’t have to feel guilty about what you are serving your little ones. Mindy and her siblings survived and became adults who cook. So just maybe your kids will survive too.

On cooking or not


It’s that time of year again, when the desert lights up in all of the colours of Parrtjima. Parrtjima is a FREE 10-day festival in light, showcasing artworks against the natural canvas of the Red Centre, in two locations, the Desert Park and the Todd Mall.

We took the opportunity Friday night to wander through the Parrtjima lights in the Todd Mall. Interwoven through the Mall this year are lighting effects representing the moths and the stink bugs to build upon the caterpillar stories told by custodians last year. It was so lovely to see so many people out after dark enjoying the night. Here are a few of the beautiful installations in the CBD. The installations will be there until the 14th April so if you haven’t already gone, I encourage you to do so.



Alice Springs sees a mass exodus over the Christmas/New Year period with all most everyone heading to a beach. Being smack bang in the centre of Australia, Alice happens to be the closest town to EVERY beach in Australia!  It has been a number of years since we left Alice at Christmas time, so this year we packed everything up and headed south to spend Christmas at Apollo Bay and enjoy some quality beach time.


The water at Apollo Bay is always freezing and Zelda did not take to it at all. In fact, one day she gave her self a sponge bath from a bucket of water on the sand rather than step into the water! Apollo Bay has the added bonus of having what feels like the coldest weather in Australia. So a 20 degree day, if cloudy, can feel freezing but if sunny can feel so so warm. It was rather nice to be there while Alice Springs sweltered through a week of 40+. How did you spend the Christmas break? Hope it was wonderful & am wishing you a very happy new year xx